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Can I put tiles or a wooden terrace on Deck-VQ® vacuum insulation?

Yes, Deck-VQ® is suitable for application in terraces with a tile or wood finishing.

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Can I walk on Deck-VQ® vacuum insulation?

Yes, this is possible due to the protection layers in high density PIR and the compressive strength of 150 kPa (CS(10\Y)150).

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Can I use Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) in a tapered flat roof solution?

Yes, this is possible and recommended. We always advise a slope towards the outlets to ensure an adequate water evacuation and avoid water stagnation on the roof.

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How thick do I need to insulate?

The cleanest energy for heating and cooling, is the energy you do not have to use. That is why we recommend to insulate to a higher standard than the minimum requirement.

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Why use Deck-VQ® vacuum insulation?

Vacuum insulation is a real powerhouse when it comes to thermal performance.

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How to install Deck-VQ® vacuum insulation panels?

Deck-VQ® can be applied in warm flat roofs or terraces of new build and refurbishment projects.

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Can you drill, nail or saw in a Vacuum Insulation Panel?

No, because these actions will lead to the loss of vacuum in the VIP and reduce the thermal performance by a factor of three.

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What is a Vacuum Insulation Panel or VIP?

VIP is the abbreviation of Vacuum Insulation Panel. A Vacuum Insulation Panel generally comprises a microporous core material (e.g. based on fumed silica), which is introduced into a high barrier multilayer foil envelope.

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