L-Ments® is a self-supporting and thermal insulating panel designed for use in pitched roof applications.

L-Ments® is a self-supporting and thermal insulating panel designed to provide a solution to various challenges associated with new-build or refurbishment projects. The innovative lightweight design ensures efficient and quick installation which is why Recticel Insulation is the specifier’s choice. L-Ments® delivers unprecedented flexibility such as no internal finish meaning you have maximum freedom of choice with your project.

Key benefits

  • Good thermal performance: λ = 0.023 W/mK
  • Freedom of internal finish
  • Range of thicknesses: 145mm, 160mm, 180mm and 200mm
  • Light weight
  • Fast installation
  • Self-supporting insulation panels combine five components into one single roofing element: integrated rafters, breather membrane, counter battens, insulation and vapour tight facers

Pitched roof

Getting started with L-Ments®

Key specifications
Lambda (λ) info 0.023 W/mK
Size(s) Length: 3600mm up to 6500mm (per 300mm steps) Width: 1200mm (1185mm net)
Fire performance Euroclass F
Edge finishing Shiplap on the two longitudinal sides.
Insulation thickness RD ( m²K/W)
145 mm 6.30
160 mm 6.95
180 mm 7.80
200 mm 8.65

Matching accessories

Max Tape

Max tape

Max tape is a self-adhesive breather membrane tape (0.25m wide and 25m long) to cover joints in the roof structure. The tape is a self-adhesive breather membrane and is used to cover details and connections at eaves, gutters and other construction parts. It creates a permanent adhesion and is easy to apply.

Rectifix® screws

Rectifix® is a high-quality steel grade screw specially developed for durable mounting of the Powerroof® insulation system. This screw allows fastening the board at a 90 °angle to the roof pitch (no slanting screws required).


Rectitape® is the specially designed tape for taping corners and seams for PIR and PUR insulation boards. The tape is available in a roll of 25m.

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