Mill Meadow insulated with L-Ments® insulated roof elements in just seven hours

"The roof’s prefabricated element was key to its specification as I urgently needed to speed up building works on this project. I’m glad to say I made the right decision. L-Ments® is built for rapid installation as well as containing all the necessary thermal properties to ensure the completed house meets the near-zero carbon standard. Working with the L-Ments® system proved to be a very good choice."
Nick Lacey, Architect

The 200m² Burley house was the first project to use the innovative L-Ments® system in the UK. Designed to offer U-values of between 0.13 and 0.19 W/m2K, it comprises breather membrane, counter battens and integral structural timber, along with high performance PIR insulation, all incorporated into lightweight cost-effective modular roofing panels. Such was the ease of application; the construction of the pitched roof was completed in just seven hours.

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L-Ments - Recticel Insulation


L-Ments® is a self-supporting and thermal insulating panel designed to provide a solution to various challenges associated with new-build or refurbishment projects. The innovative lightweight design ensures efficient and quick installation which is why Recticel Insulation is the specifier’s choice. L-Ments® delivers unprecedented flexibility such as no internal finish meaning you have maximum freedom of choice with your project.

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