Rectifix® screws

Designed for correct and long-lasting fastening of Recticel Insulation roof boards.

Rectifix® is a high-quality steel grade screw specially developed for durable mounting of the Powerroof® insulation system. This screw allows fastening the board at a 90 °angle to the roof pitch (no slanting screws required).

Key benefits

  • High quality steel grade
  • Allows fixing at a 90° angle to the roof pitch
  • Provides coating 700 hr SST
  • Equipped with a pre-cutting tool
  • Specific core diameter (7 mm)
  • Custom screw head with serrations
  • Perfect bit connection with TORX 40.
  • Screw head with Recticel inscription and length measure

Getting started with Rectifix® screws

How to use Rectifix® screws?

Use the appropriate bit TORX 40 and an electrical or battery operated hammer driver to properly fix the screws.

Check the type and amount of screws needed for your insulation project (pdf)

Compatible products

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