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Partners in comfort

Recticel Insulation is a reliable and experienced construction industry partner with six decades of experience. We provide high-performance acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for both residential and non-residential buildings. Our products and services are developed to meet occupant needs for comfort and greater energy efficiency.

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The advantages of PIR insulation

ThermalExcellent thermal performance

ThermalMore living space

ThermalSuper lightweight

ThermalEasy handling and quick installation

The advantages of PIR insulation

We want to create a "feel good inside" experience for ourselves and for future generations through excellent solutions and services.

Recticel Insulation is part of the listed Recticel Group, a leading European market player in polyurethane solutions. The Recticel Group employs around 8,400 people in 28 countries across the world. It serves diverse markets, primarily in Europe, which accounts for around 93% of its net sales. The Group is also active in the USA and Asia.

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Polyurethane: the sustainable insulation material

Recticel Insulation products offer significant environmental benefits. Efficient insulation means that less energy is needed for heating and cooling. As a result, COemissions are reduced, which means that our insulation products contribute significantly to the fight against global warming. The durability of our products is another important environmental advantage. Polyurethane insulation boards have a 50-year lifespan. Their insulation performance remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the product, making them a very sustainable solution.