Can I install downlighters in conjunction with Recticel Insulation boards?

Category: InstallationSustainability

The temperature of a lamp can reach 2000C. Without adequate ventilation to allow the escape of heat, downlighters can cause fires. Recticel recommends the following measures are taken when installing downlighters: Downlighters should not be recessed into insulated ceilings if they penetrate the vapour control layer (VCL). This will result in them drawing warm moist air into the roof space where it could condense and drip back out of the fitting, causing a potential fire risk. Where downlighters are to be used they should be fitted into a false ceiling below the structural ceiling. Overheating can occur where thermal insulation is laid over existing downlighters and any associated transformers that are not designed to operate under these conditions. Cables and other electrical equipment should not be covered by insulation. In all cases, the downlighter manufacturer's instructions should be followed. They should specify the amount of space to be left around the back of the fitting, its fire rating, whether it can be covered with insulation, and the type/wattage of suitable lamps. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.