Wall Insulation

Recticel Insulation provides high performing solutions for solid walls, framed walls, rainscreen walls, external wall insulation, insulation for prefabricated walls as well as insulated plasterboard for internal wall applications.

Cavity wall


Internal wall


Prefabricated wall


Which insulation to choose for walls? Recticel Insulation offers a wide range of insulation solutions and advice for walls.
Specific solutions for solid walls, timber frame walls, exterior walls and plasterboard insulation in one panel for interior wall insulation.

Cavity Wall Insulation

  • For cavity wall constructions in new construction and renovation projects
  • With tongue-and-groove click system: guarantees high windthightness against cold bridges

Insulation for exterior walls

  • Exterior wall insulation for new construction and renovation projects
  • Provides an efficient and continuous insulation shell around the house
  • Combination possible with a wide range of facade finishes

Insulation for interior walls

  • To (re)insulate interior walls in applications where aesthetics and use of space are important considerations
  • Examples: houses, apartments, urban projects and historical or cultural heritage sites

These wall insulation solutions could fit your next project

Recticel Insulation Eurowall + installation with contactor image

Eurowall® +

High performance PIR insulation for full fill masonry cavity wall applications.

Recticel Insulation Eurowall Cavity panel corner image

Eurowall® Cavity

High performance insulation board for partial fill masonry cavity wall applications.