Can I use Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) in a tapered flat roof solution?

Category: New buildRenovation

Yes, this is possible and recommended. We always advise a slope towards the outlets to ensure an adequate water drainage to avoid water stagnation on the roof.

There are generally two ways to approach this with Deck-VQ®:

  1. The fall is incorporated in the substrate (screed layer): in this case the Deck-VQ® boards will follow the existing fall.
  2. The fall is incorporated in the insulation layer: in this case Deck-VQ® can be combined with our tapered insulation* boards (Powerdeck® F or Eurothane® Eurodeck) on top. Our technical service with specialized tapered design service then provides an easy-to-use design for both insulation layers.

*Tapered insulation incorporates the slope over the length of the panel. Therefore, the panels can be installed on a flat surface, tightly jointed whilst resulting in a sloped top surface. Tapered insulation presents the ideal solution for a technically correct and thermally optimal build-up.



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