Do I have to follow a training course regarding the safe use of diisocyanates?

Category: Quality and vertifications

Di-isocyanates are chemical raw materials that are used for the production of certain plastics, such as hard PU insulation boards.

If diisocyanates are used in the workplace, the European Union has decided that employees who may come into contact with diisocyanates must follow a specific training. This specific training must be in line with European REACH regulations* and must be given before 24 August 2023.
* REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemical Substances.

As mentioned above, the production of rigid PU insulation boards uses various chemical raw materials, including di-isocyanates. As a result, some of our employees must follow this specific training.

During the production process, these chemical substances react with each other, and hard PU insulation boards are formed. These hard PU insulation boards as such no longer contain free di-isocyanates. Consequently, there is absolutely no need for people who trade, process, and install our hard PU insulation boards to follow additional training. Our customers can safely trade, process, and install our hard PU insulation boards without exposure to di-isocyanates.

In this attachment you will find our 'Manufacturer's declaration'