Does Recticel offer a tapered insulation products?

Many flat roofing problems are attributed to ineffective rainwater run-off. This can cause deflection of the roof deck and 'ponding' of rainwater, and have a significant impact on the lifespan of the roof. Recticel's flat roofing tapered insulation division - Gradient - provides bespoke tapered insulation solutions, allowing virtually any fall to be created on either a new or existing roof. A Gradient tapered roof will:

  • Improve thermal and acoustic performance
  • Minimise ponding and roof loading
  • Restrict build-up of rooftop debris
  • Reduce the resulting maintenance costs
  • Provide a longer, more effective working life
  • Aid compliance with Building Regulations

In providing this service, Gradient will work out a detailed roof plan and calculate the exact number of boards required in advance. They work exclusively with Recticel to provide specialist PIR insulation solutions, but are not limited in their choice of materials and can produce specifications that include mineral wool, polystyrene and cork. This enables Gradient to deliver truly unique and bespoke solutions, utilising the best characteristics of all the insulation materials available in the UK today.
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