Material characteristics

As your insulation partner, we work together to create a feel good interior climate by providing a wide range of intelligent insulation solutions. By constantly innovating and improving our products we want to increase the overall comfort of our and your customers. Just take a look at the many ways you benefit from insulating with Recticel:

Stable inside temperature
Recticel Insulation guarantees maximum comfort by creating a living or working environment with a healthy and stable inside climate.

  • More living space
    With their high insulation values, the insulation boards give you the opportunity to install thinner layers of insulation and create extra living and working space.
  • Light
    The insulation boards are light and easy to handle.  
  • Quick installation
    The boards are user friendly and comfortable to install. They reduce the installation time on site.
  • Easy to cut
    Our boards are easy to cut on site in different dimensions. This gives you the ability to customize sizes to fit every project.