Construction: waste segregation is key

Construction-waste management is incredibly important to us, as 37% of all landfill waste in Europe comes from the construction and demolition of buildings. Our main challenge here is to segregate PIR insulation scraps from other debris to maximise recyclability. That’s why our strategy is to partner with local waste management specialists to effectively sort and collect PIR insulation waste at construction sites.

Drawing of a construction building


We have been collaborating with local waste collection partners in different countries to explore ways to collect PIR insulation waste separately at construction sites. At the same time, we’ve been actively participating in an industry-wide project to find a collective solution for this collective problem.
In our search for solutions, we are working with several partners who will support us in waste collection in Belgium and France. In all other countries, this track is being further explored with local partners.

PUre Implementing a national collection system for PU  waste in Belgium

Implementing a national collection system for PU waste in Belgium

With PUrability, we’re looking to establish a PU waste take-back and collection system, which will provide us – along with the rest of the industry – with the necessary volumes to create new high-quality insulation from construction waste.

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Collecting PIR construction waste in France

Collecting PIR construction waste in France

Cut-off waste is an inevitable part of the installation of PIR insulation. We simply cannot avoid it. What we can do is help recycle it. We’re therefore partnering with Valobat for the selective collection of insulation scrap in France.

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