What is a Vacuum Insulation Panel or VIP?

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VIP is the abbreviation of Vacuum Insulation Panel. A Vacuum Insulation Panel generally comprises a microporous core material (e.g. based on fumed silica), which is introduced into a high barrier multilayer foil envelope. The envelope is then evacuated and sealed, obtaining a near vacuum inside the envelope.

Because of the microporous core and the absence of air, excellent thermal properties are obtained. For our Vacuum Insulation Panel as such (Core-VQ®) we can declare a lambda value of 0.006 W/mK, which is typically 3-5 better than traditional insulation materials.

Vacuum Insulation Panels have already been used for several decades in high demanding applications, especially when stringent requirements for thermal insulation are set (e.g. refrigerators). As the thermal insulation of buildings has become increasingly important over the last years, Vacuum Insulation Panels have been introduced in buildings to meet the high standards.  

Recticel Insulation offers the following products:

  • Core-VQ®: the ‘naked’ VIP and the heart of our vacuum insulation solutions that can be incorporated in a variety of systems (e.g. VIP inside Deck-VQ®)
    Core-VQ vacuum insulation panel by Recticel Insulation
  • Deck-VQ®: a premium solution, developed for flat roofs and terraces, where the VIP is protected by a high density PIR on all sides.
    Deck-VQ vacuum insulation panel by Recticel Insulation

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