Easy to install PIR insulation boards for use in building interiors

The Instafit® insulation boards are designed specially to be used in different applications throughout the building such as floors, basement ceilings, lofts and internal walls. Just add the correct membrane and wood structure for your plasterboards once the insulation panels are installed and you have a finished project in no time.

LoftInternal wallBasement ceillingFloor

  • Stable inside temperature
  • More living space
  • Lightweight
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to cut

Getting started with Instafit®

How to install Instafit®?

Before you start

  • Instafit® can be fixed mechanically or with adhesive dependant on application. The boards can be fitted vertically or horizontally internally within the dwelling as well as in cavity wall applications (see building regulation guidance for the UK). The joints between boards can then be sealed with Rectitape®.
  • Take account of any electrical cabling or hanging brackets, such as for heating elements. Work out where they need to be in advance.

The Instafit® can be used to insulate your floor, basement ceiling, loft and internal wall. Access the installation instructions suitable for your application here.

Instafit panel DIY thermal insulation
Instafit panel DIY thermal insulation 1 2

Extra features of Instafit®

  1. Intuitive tongue-and-groove system on all four sides (only for dimensions 1200*600 with thickness 50 mm, Straight edges for other dimensions and corresponding thicknesses)
  2. Water-repellent and durable facing

Matching accessories

Screws and washers

Get your insulation perfectly fixed with Recticel® screws & washers, available in different lengths according to the insulation thicknesses. Start your project right away with Recticel Insulation’s screws as the screwdriver bit is included in the box for easy and fast installation.

How can we help?

What is the best way of achieving an air and vapour barrier when using PIR insulation panels?

As per the literature supplied with the product - an effective air and vapour barrier can be achieve...

Can PIR insulation panels be used directly below flooring tiles?

No, PIR insulation boards should not be used directly below flooring tiles, a suitable sub...

Can I recess cables into PIR insulation panels?

Cables should not be recessed into the insulation boards. They may be laid between two layers of boa...

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