Easy to install acoustic insulation panel for reduced airborne sound

Silentwall® is a panel of agglomerated polyurethane foam and fibres to improve the transmission sound insulation of interior walls of homes. Silentwall® is designed to improve internal sound insulation (internal side of external walls); it may be applied to a partition wall between two apartments (in the same building), as well as to the inside of an exterior wall and on the separation wall of a house.

Key benefits

  • Significantly reduced sound transmission
  • Quick and easy installation

Acoustic insulation for walls

  • Fast installation
  • Installation comfort
  • Significantly reduced sound transmission

Hear the difference

Without Silentwall® insulation

With Silentwall® insulation

Getting started with Silentwall®

Specifications for this dimension:

Key specifications
∆Rw info * 9dB (-87% sound)
Lambda (λ) info 0.037 W/mK
Size(s) 1200x600 mm
Size(s) 2500x600 mm
Size(s) 2600x1200 mm
* Product must always be covered with at least a 12.5 mm thick plasterboard in order to meet fire safety requirements.
Product manufactured from recycled materials. The composition and visual appearance may vary, but this will not affect performance.
Insulation thickness Thermal Resistance Value: (m²K/W)
40 mm 1.05
40 mm 1.05
40 mm 1.05
Silentwall 1

Extra features of Silentwall®

  1. 9db - 87% sound

Matching accessories

Glue for acoustic insulation panels

Contact glue for professionals

Contact glue specifically recommended for acoustic insulation with plasterboard on walls. For wall applications, all suspended items (e.g. heating elements) should be attached to a sufficiently solid foundation wall.

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