What is the difference between Deck-VQ® and a Vacuum Insulation Panel?

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Deck-VQ® is an encased Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP – see “What is a VIP?”). The main difference with the VIP as such lies in the level of protection against physical damage. The so called “naked” panel offers little protection of the high barrier envelope, whereas the Deck-VQ® concept offers a protective high density PIR layer on all sides. 

Deck-VQ®:  Deck-VQ vacuum insulation panel by Recticel Insulation

Core-VQ: Core-VQ vacuum insulation panel by Recticel Insulation
The Deck-VQ® concept provides a rigid panel and an excellent compatibility with a variety of waterproofing systems. In combination with the exceptional thermal performance, this solution is highly recommended for flat roof and terrace applications where limited space is available.

Deck-VQ offers performant vacuum insulation for terraces by Recticel Insulation

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