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Looking for the best solution to insulate your flat roof? Tell us about your project and find the perfect fit.

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Suitable professional solutions

Deck-VQ® new

Ultra-high performance encapsulated VIP insulation for flat roofs and terraces

Du.Panel® X new

Deluxe energy savings & fire protection

Lumix new

Insulation boards for better animal welfare

Silentwall® new

Easy to install acoustic insulation panel for reduced airborne sound

Topcover new

Ultrathin insulation board with high compressive strength

Eurofloor® Xentro®

Ultra-thin high-performance floor insulation

Eurothane® Eurodeck

Eurothane® Eurodeck is a thermal insulation board for use in warm flat roofs under mechanically fixed single-ply membrane waterproofing systems.

Eurothane® FP

High performance PIR insulation board with Class 0 fire performance suitable for use across multiple applications.

Eurothane® GP

Insulation for multiple applications.

Eurothane® PL

Insulation and plasterboard in one single, handy board for internal wall insulation and pitched roof applications.

Eurowall® +

High performance PIR insulation for full fill masonry cavity wall applications.

Eurowall® Cavity

High performance insulation board for partial fill masonry cavity wall applications.

IP PIR 022

The insulation board for concrete sandwich panels

IP PIR 022

Thermal insulation layer for concrete sandwich panels (SIPS).


L-Ments® is a self-supporting and thermal insulating panel designed for use in pitched roof applications.


Plylok® is a thermal insulation board for use in warm flat roofs under traditional bituminous waterproofing and single-ply waterproofing membranes.

Powerdeck® F

A flat roof insulation board for use in built-up felt and single ply membrane waterproofing systems.

Powerdeck® U

Easy to install flat roof insulation board suitable for torch-on felt.


Thermal insulation board with good fire behaviour for agricultural applications.

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