Innovative insulation solution helps housing project ensure quality fabric-first approach

Eurowall®+, Recticel’s innovative full-fill cavity wall PIR board, has been chosen for a new affordable housing development. With its advanced tongue and groove joint, it helped to achieve the project’s desired U-value whilst ensuring a ‘built as designed’ envelope.

In total, 2000m2 of Eurowall®+ board was installed as part of a £3.3m new-build project in Bedmond Road, Abbots Langley – a large, picturesque village in Hertfordshire. On completion, the 17-home development on behalf of housing association, Thrive Homes, will introduce ‘good quality’ properties to the area. In order that the buildings achieved the regulatory U-value, the insulation needed to ensure a high-quality build whilst being simple to install. Eurowall®+ met both requirements comfortably.   

Jarvis Contracting, in conjunction with architects, Avebury, was selected to deliver the scheme. It included the installation of 90mm-thick Eurowall®+ insulation, which earns its billing as Recitcel’s ‘flagship’ product due to its innovative composition and exceptional thermal performance. The boards have a tongue and groove joint on all four edges to ensure they lock tightly together. This inventive format helps to eliminate moisture ingress and possible heat loss through poor joints, whilst offering bricklayers a faster way to build. Once fitted together the boards created a thermally tight envelope, ensuring the fabric-first approach resulted in warm, efficient homes for the Bedmond Road project.   

Eurowall®+ can achieve a 0.18 U-value with a 90mm-thick panel in a 100mm cavity. To reach the same thermal performance with mineral wool, for example, the project would require a much thicker insulation. Therefore, Eurowall®+ helps reduce a building’s footprint; a crucial characteristic where plot size is limited.  

Indeed, the 10mm air gap, which is created by a 90mm Eurowall®+ PIR board achieving a U-value of 0.18 W/m2K in a traditional 100mm masonry cavity wall, helps speed-up installation times for a more cost-effective build in comparison with other rigid full-fill solutions.

Eurowall®+ benefits the installer, due to its slim composition facilitating a more rapid, effective installation, whilst its performance ensures regulation energy requirements are achieved. Such all-round capabilities made it ideal for the Bedmond Road project. It didn’t disappoint on either count.

Simon Blackham, Technical Manager at Recticel

Strong and durable, Eurowall®+ will not degrade or deteriorate due to moisture. This means its thermal performance will be maintained for the long-term comfort and wellbeing of the future occupants of this fine-looking and much-welcome new housing development. 

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Eurowall® + is a premium, high performance full fill insulation board with precision cut tongue and groove joints on all four sides. This ensures that the boards lock tightly together minimising heat loss through thermal bridging. This unique joint offers increased protection against wind driven rain as well as improved windtightness. Eurowall® + is also designed with a 10mm cavity requirement in mind, so that space can be left for conventional bricklaying techniques.

Our Eurowall® +  is CCPI verified, as noted in the verification marking below: 

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