Thermal and rapid-install benefits of Powerdeck® F boards prove ideal fit for new hotel roof

The easy-to-install properties of Recticel’s Powerdeck® F PIR insulation boards, in combination with their high compressive-strength and excellent thermal capabilities, ensured a new hotel was supplied with rapid, weathertight protection. This allowed interior building works to continue and keep the overall works programme on track and helped the completed roof to achieve regulation U-values.

The Powerdeck® F boards provided the thermal element of a waterproofing build-up installed on the main roof at a Premier Inn hotel in Scarborough town centre. Two layers of insulation comprising Powerdeck® F boards of 100mm and 120mm thickness were included in the build-up which was installed to a vapour control layer and plywood deck. The bonded boards were fitted across a 500m2 roofing area, within a system that featured fireproof CP boards and finished with a single-ply membrane.

Sam Cousins, Flat Roofing Contracts Manager at L.A. Hall, which carried out the roof’s waterproofing on behalf of the project’s main contractor PDR Construction, said Recticel’s high-performance PIR board was ideal for the task.

Contractor installing Powerdeck F within single ply membrane waterproofing system

Powerdeck® F was one of only a number of boards that was compatible with the waterproofing’s single-ply membrane. It helped that we always deal with Recticel Insulation; we trust their products and their service.

Sam Cousins, Flat Roofing Contracts Manager at L.A Hall Ltd

Of particular value when used in built-up felt and single-ply membrane waterproofing systems, Powerdeck® F boards offer high-compressive strength and excellent thermal performance (λ = 0.024 - 0.026 W/mK). This ensures a supremely flat surface finish required for optimum performance in a range of watertight systems in new-build and refurbishment projects.

An additional benefit of Powerdeck® F board is its light weight, which improves its handling ability. This proved particularly beneficial in overcoming one of the Premier Inn project’s biggest challenges, namely meeting the client’s deadline for the roof’s waterproofing to be completed in good time and allow interior works to commence without the building being exposed to the elements.

This ambition was jeopardised by spells of inclement weather and the hotel’s town centre location, which meant material delivery times had to be staggered to avoid disruption and uphold public safety. But as Sam Cousins explained, the Powerdeck® F boards helped overcome each challenge to ensure a time-efficient installation.

The Powerdeck® F boards were simple and straightforward to install. They were extremely easy to work with and were instrumental on the hotel roof achieving its required U-value.

Sam Cousins, Flat Roofing Contracts Manager at L.A Hall Ltd

Recticel Insulation's Poweredeck F flat roof insulation solution installed in Premier Inn Scarborough

Thanks to the ease with which Powerdeck® F boards were installed; the Scarborough Premier Inn’s waterproofing was completed – and the building made weathertight – within the prescribed deadline. When the hotel opens its doors to the public, guests can be assured of a safe, comfortable stay thanks to the excellent efforts of L.A. Hall’s roofing teams and the durable, thermal-efficiency of Recticel Insulation’s Powerdeck® F boards.

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Powerdeck® F is compatible with multiple waterproofing systems, benefiting from high compressive strength and excellent dimensional stability. This ensures the flat surface finish required for optimum performance in new build and refurbishment projects.
Both sides of Powerdeck® F are faced with a mineral coated glass fleece.

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